Water Taxi in Turku Archipelago

Booking & Contact

Taxi boat operation has stopped for 2022 and will start again at the beginning of May 2023.

Matti Nieminen
tel: +358 40 546 0140

Please book the taxi boat a few days in advance. Payment can be made in cash or invoiced after the trip.

Taxi boat

Our taxi boat is a safe, fast and neat Nord Star 24 type of boat. She can accommodate up to five passengers + luggage, even for example bicycles.

Water taxi trips

We drive boat taxi trips within the Turku Archipelago, also to the Archipelago of Aland. The prerequisite is that there is a safe place for boarding, and that weather conditions allow safe sea transport. We operate from Houtskari (Parainen) and Rymättylä (Naantali).

Excursions into the archipelago

We arrange excursions into the archipelago according to the customer’s wishes. Boarding can, for example, take place along the Archipelago Trail at Nauvo, Pärnäinen (Korppoo), Verkan (Korppoo), Näsby (Houtskari), Mossala or Iniö. There are countless destinations, such as Seili, Jungfruskär, Lappo, Aspö, Nötö, Nauvo Berghamn, Brännskär, Kökar, Jurmo, Utö, etc.

Wedding and party transportation

We drive the bridal couple e.g. from church to party venue. Our stylish and comfortable taxi boat is ideal for party transport.

Ash urn setting at sea

We have a great deal of experience with ash urn setting at sea. Turku city has exposed the place for urn setting a few miles off the city harbour on Airisto. Urn setting can also be done in other places at sea according to the customer’s wishes.

Service provider

The water taxi service is provided by Matson Oy
Address: Herrasniitynkatu 4b F30, 20760 Piispanristi, Finland
VAT identification number: FI08222601

Our skippers are experienced seafarers and have the certificate for operators of charter boats.

Matti Nieminen
Olli Nieminen
Pekka Järveläinen